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Global Software Company

MSIGHTS slashes waste and accelerates the lead pipeline.

Technology giant needed a better path to its best leads

One of the world’s largest enterprise software companies came to MSIGHTS with the challenge of gaining visibility into their inbound sales leads. They needed greater analytical power to target the right leads at the right time and optimize their media spend.

MSIGHTS streamlines data management, saving millions at every step

The MSIGHTS team dramatically transformed this client’s lead data management processes. The team began by setting global standards and streamlining and enriching data management across all of the technology company’s agencies, geos, channels and suppliers. MSIGHTS then addressed four key areas to improve data visibility, efficiency and analysis, providing dramatic savings annually:

  • $9.8 million saved via Enhanced Data Quality: MSIGHTS allowed for ongoing validation and cleansing of consumer response data, saving millions in wasted sales efforts.
  • $480K saved via Greater Operational Efficiency: MSIGHTS consolidated and integrated all the company’s files for validation and cleansing, thereby saving the time and effort required to manually collect data.
  • $926K saved via Improved Analysis Quality: MSIGHTS provides the company’s team with faster access to accurate marketing data along with pre-built weekly reports.
  • $4.8 million saved via Better Sales Targeting: Cleansing data using advanced validation rules enabled the company’s sales team to focus only on qualified leads, reducing wasted resource costs.

Huge ROI: Every $1 spent with MSIGHTS saved $6.30 on media

With all its lead data aggregated and properly validated, the company was now able to qualify leads more accurately and pass along dramatically faster only the highest-potential leads for the sales team to pursue. With the best lead data in-hand and visible, the company is now able to maximize its media spend while reducing costs by 630%. In addition, by streamlining and automating data collection, MSIGHTS accelerated response times by 76% – improving the sales team’s ability to follow up with the right leads at the right moment.

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