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Questions about MSIGHTS and the MSIGHTS Platform

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about MSIGHTS, or if you need support, please contact us.

  1. What is the MSIGHTS Platform?

    The MSIGHTS Platform is a unique, cloud-based marketing data management and results reporting tool. It centralizes multi-channel marketing performance data from all your sources; integrates that data for consistency, visibility and analysis; and feeds it to the MSIGHTS reporting platform or any reporting tool you choose for customized visualizations and immediate insight.

  2. How long has MSIGHTS been around?

    MSIGHTS has been an innovator in marketing data integration and results reporting since 2003. Many of the world’s most recognized brands depend on the MSIGHTS platform to transform masses of multi-channel marketing performance data into real-time actionable insight. Our platform was built from the ground up specifically for marketing data, so it provides the specific capabilities and functionality marketers need most. Over the years, we’ve watched more companies get on the SaaS and cloud-based computing bandwagon as we continue to enhance our proven platform to meet the changing needs of the marketers we serve.

  3. What data can I feed into MSIGHTS?

    Just about any data or field from any source can be automatically streamed into your MSIGHTS repository – your internal CRM data, ad server data, tag manager or call center results – anything. Our auto API currently downloads data from more than 150 sources on an automated, operationalized basis. The MSIGHTS platform integrates, cleanses and normalizes all your diverse marketing results data into one clear and unified view for reporting, analysis and action.

  4. What reporting tools can I use with the MSIGHTS Platform?

    Yours, theirs, ours – or all three. You can choose to report using our robust and flexible dashboards or any of the tools you already use for visualization, BI, marketing data analysis or warehousing. With MSIGHTS centralizing and unifying your source data, any reporting tool can be fed with cleansed, standardized and report-ready data in real time, so your reports and visualizations are up-to-date, accurate and actionable.

  5. Do I pay separately for the MSIGHTS Reporting Platform?

    If we provide your data management, licenses for our reporting toolset are free. The MSIGHTS reporting platform enables you to build custom dashboards in minutes and instantly access a wide range of widgets for visualizations. Time frames, attributes, metrics are all easily customized, and you can create boards that can be shared with other team members.

  6. Can you support Global Marketers?

    Yes, we routinely serve global clients and five user languages from our locations in Charlotte (NA), Mexico (LATAM), Switzerland (EMEA) and Singapore (APAC).

  7. How does MSIGHTS' price its platform?

    Our fees are based on the amount of data we integrate within a 12-month period, measured in rows (similar to rows in a spreadsheet). The price per row decreases at higher volumes, providing economies of scale for large marketing organizations.

  8. What ROI should I expect from MSIGHTS?

    Time and time again, our clients find that the MSIGHTS platform pays for itself many times over in time saved, productivity gained and higher marketing performance. Higher productivity -- Instead of spending time building repetitive reports and doing manual data management tasks, staff has time for deeper analysis that yields valuable insights – and time to act on them. Synchronized efforts -- With one source of truth, your entire marketing team and agency partners will all be on the same page and working toward the same goals. Instant reporting -- Up-to-date reports and presentations will be available at any time to share with all stakeholders and agency partners. Fresh insights -- Change your reporting view instantly to get a fresh perspective on your results, and go high level or go granular with a few clicks. Control over data: if you switch agencies, partners or technology vendors, your data stays with you. 

  9. Where does the MSIGHTS Platform fit into my marketing technology stack?

    Most multi-channel brands require a diverse set of marketing tools and capabilities that work together – platforms such as your CRM, ad servers, and tag management systems. Even best-of-breed point solutions may not work seamlessly with the rest of your stack, creating performance blind spots and inaccuracy in your marketing results.  MSIGHTS eliminates those issues by automatically centralizing and standardizing all your marketing results data and integrating seamlessly with all the tools in your stack. With MSIGHTs unifying your data, you’re free to build the right stack for your business.

  10. Is the MSIGHTS Platform a DMP (Data Management Platform)?

    No, in fact MSIGHTS actually helps you get more value from your DMP by ensuring all the media costs and results data you load into your DMP is centralized, complete, cleansed and standardized.

  11. Can I try the MSIGHTS Platform before agreeing to formal engagement?

    For qualified organizations, we can offer one of two trial scenarios. We can integrate a period of historical data so you can sample our reporting platform with real data; or we can identify a few key sources and integrate them for a limited time.

  12. What's the first step? How do I get started working with MSIGHTS?

    Onboarding with MSIGHTS begins with a detailed discovery session to prioritize your reporting needs. We typically start by integrating and operationalizing a small number of your most important and high-value sources. Your onboarding team will develop your specific data source integration roadmap and document your unique business rules. We’ll also review and replicate any key reports you currently depend on. As we add in more sources, we’ll establish best practices such as standard naming conventions, recommended trafficking processes, and interactions with ad tech companies until all your feeds are complete and all your processes are seamless.

  13. What happens once I’m up and running?

    Working with MSIGHTS is an ongoing partnership. Once onboarding is complete, we’re here to ensure your system runs smoothly, new sources are added seamlessly, and new users ramp up quickly. One-on-one coaching sessions, open hours for user training, and custom guides and documentation tools are also available depending on the scope of our partnership.

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