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Gains 9100+ staff hours thanks to MSIGHTS

Marketers bogged down with manual tasks while opportunities slipped by

One of the world’s largest consumer products companies and its global media agency needed to improve the productivity of its marketing resources and get more ROI from its data.

The team was hindered by a number of data management barriers. They were limited to just three sources of campaign data because each had to be manually aggregated in a time-consuming process. Data was refreshed only monthly, reducing the team’s ability to respond to trends effectively and generating a lot of manual busywork. In addition, its analytical capabilities were limited to the campaign level, without a granular view of its performance.

The company and its global media agency turned to MSIGHTS to help reduce manual efforts, better allocate resources and get more value from its marketing assets and talent.

Consolidated, standardized and automated

MSIGHTS began streamlining this company’s data management processes by integrating, centralizing, and cleansing all its existing digital advertising data. It built standard reports that the company’s team can now pull daily, weekly and monthly to track performance at the campaign and placement level. The team can now analyze data in real time across multiple metrics and channels, including viewability, site served, search, digital, video, mobile, attitudinal, social, e-commerce and more.

With MSIGHTS handling the busywork, team can focus on value

  • By centralizing its marketing data and building standard reports, this company and global agency estimates that it has conserved at least two staff-hours for each report pulled – saving about $910K annually and putting those resources to better use.
  • The company now seamlessly leverages 15+ data resources because manual aggregation has been eliminated – expanding its opportunities for strategic targeting and reach.
  • By dramatically reducing manual tasks and instead using MSIGHTS to collect, integrate, normalize and enrich data, the marketing team has been able to reallocate at least 35%+ of its time toward more strategic efforts, campaign optimization and deeper analysis.

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